The muted grays, whites and beiges of home interiors are stepping aside for more vibrant living spaces in the past few years. Amy Hadley, CEO and Principal Designer of Hey Now Interiors, spoke with Studio 512 about how her team breathes life into a new space.

“At Hey Now Interiors, we talk about how to make your home feel and function the way you want it to, using color, play, and pattern. You shouldn’t be afraid of color -it can actually support you! Our team is diligent about adding in fun and quirk at the right times, and we know how to use pattern and maximalism in a way that adds character, and isn’t overwhelming.

“I’m co-hosting a workshop with Moxie Space to give people inspiring, easy ideas for adding color to their home, how to light your home for optimal mood, and furniture arranging tips for the best flow and energy. Sara Fritsch from Moxie Space will share ideas on how to manage paper clutter and the ‘dump pile’ that builds up by the front door, guilt-free tips on how to let go of things that aren’t serving you, and simple daily practices to keep your house tidy, even with kids!

This is the third time we’ve co-hosted this workshop. It’s friendly and laid-back, with drinks and snacks, and a gift to take home that will keep you inspired.

WHAT: Find Your Flow: An Organizing and Interior Design Workshop
WHEN: Tuesday, September 12th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
WHERE: Hey Now Interiors, 1206 Alamo Street, 78702

Get tickets for “Find Your Flow” online, and check out Amy’s full portfolio at