Bookminders provides complete outsourced accounting solutions for over 475 small to mid-size businesses and nonprofit organizations and now they are coming to Austin.

Jessica Minkus, the CEO of Bookminders, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

What is the Culture like at Bookminders?

Minkus said the work-life balance is the rule, not the exception and that Bookminders was founded in 1991 on this concept.

“We’ve built on that over the years to expand flexibility, treating our staff as trusted professionals. Staff knows the work that needs to be done and when they do it is up to them. We provide the structure, tools, and support without micromanagement. A big part of our flexibility comes from our remote-first environment.”

Tell me more about what flexibility and remote-first mean at Bookminders.

“Remote-first means that our staff primarily work from their dedicated home offices. We provide a secure, cloud-based environment that houses all the tools necessary to get their work done. We’ve had decades to perfect this environment and we’re continually refining it.”

“96% of our employees cite flexibility as the top benefit at Bookminders. Outside of a weekly meeting with their client, when staff wants to work is up to them. They have the autonomy to schedule their work around life, not the other way around. We treat our employees as professionals, they don’t need permission to do whatever they need to do throughout the day. Also, in our blind, biannual survey, 100% of our employees report feeling supported and listened to by management.”

Tell us about your staff.

“All have a degree in accounting/finance with at least 5 years experience, majority have over 10 when they come onboard. In addition to accounting expertise, they have great customer service skills and the confidence needed to act as a trusted advisor in delivering services.”

“Our primarily female workforce has worked in public accounting firms for years, they have been controllers or CFOs. They come to us because they value work-life balance, and need optimal flexibility but want to be professionally engaged and be challenged. Here, they can grow and develop even though they choose to work part-time.”

“100% of our employees also report that they are satisfied with their job, which leads to fantastic employee retention. That’s why half of our staff have been with us for 5 years or more and 25% over 10, and we even have a handful that have been here for more than 20 years.”

“We’re also extremely supportive of life changes. Easy to staff throttle work up/down. 95% of staff strongly agree that it’s easy to make changes to their workload here.”

Where can we learn more?

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