Austin musicians Serafia and Dan of Sidewalk Singers got Studio 512 off to a great start for the week with their singing ability!

At the start of lockdown, they found themselves with no work and all future gigs cancelled. So they came up with the idea of reviving the age-old art of singing telegrams for the community. Serafia says, “It’s a way for people to celebrate and have fun in a memorable way, and a way for us to perform from a safe social distance!”

Not only have they found a new way to support themselves, but Serafia and Dan are giving back. “We wanted to take it a step further and donate a portion of booking costs back into local charities in our area. This idea really took off! We’ve been able to donate $6,000 back so far, and entertain many people on their special day despite COVID-19.”

Serafia and Dan have now moved out of town, but with Valentine’s Day coming up, they really want to get musicians performing and surprising people with socially distanced singing telegrams all over Austin, and they also want to find local Austin charities to give back to as well! As Serafia says, “Everyone involved wins!”

Need even more happy for your day? Check out Serafia performing the National Anthem at the Texas Capitol.

More info on who Sidewalk Singers are, who they donate to, and how you can book them for a sweet surprise for friends or family can be found at