This week, meet Thaddeus from Austin Animal Center.

Thad (as his friends call him) recently had the chance to go on a sleepover with one of his best shelter friends – and proved that he is in fact one super smart pup and that shelter stress can start to dissipate almost as quickly as it appears (certainly longer than an overnight is needed for complete decompression from a months long shelter stay – but Thad found his home legs pretty quickly). 

In a home, Thad is loving and affectionate – he is curious and eager for adventures with his human friends. He likes puzzles and toys and treats- yes, definitely, treats. Oh don’t forget the snuggles, those are his favorite. You’ll fall in love with his belly-up napping positions. 

During his break he showed himself to be a tried and true work from home companion – happy to fall asleep to the clickety clack of fingers on the keyboard. And equally as thrilled to go toss his toy around in the backyard. 😉 

Thad’s been waiting a long time for his forever people. 

He’s a charming, loving, silly, slightly exuberant young dog who’d love to have a spot in someone’s heart. While Thad would likely do best as a solo dog, he’s got personality, love and volunteer support enough to fill your home – all of it, all on his own. 

If you’d like to meet Thad, please reach out to (@orangedotcrew). His volunteer advocates would love to introduce him to you.

Thaddeus is currently available for foster or adoption! 

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