Meet Sushi the cat from Austin Animal Center! 

Sushi loves to be the center of attention! His previous owner describes him as a friendly and cuddly lap cat that can also be a little chatty.  

He tends to follow his person around and likes to hang out in the same room. Sushi enjoys being brushed and likes to be held.  

This one-year-old can get a little rough during play time and over-stimulated, so we recommend watching out for these signs and ending your play session when you see this happening.  

Wand toys and balls are a great option for Sushi because they can keep him active, while giving some distance between him and his play mate.  

He’s a very smart boy that has learned how to open cabinet doors! This could be due to boredom and curiosity. Lots of attention and clicker training could be helpful!  

You can check out Austin Animal Center’s clicker training guidance here

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