Today we are featuring Chrissy the shepherd-mix puppy from Austin Dog Rescue. Her foster mom calls her a “happy go lucky” kind of dog, as she is 6 months old and full of life and energy.  

Chrissy is still learning the basics, but has the commands “crate please” and “sit” down to a T.  

She is still working on “wait” and “down” but is getting pretty good at it, especially with treats, as she is very food motivated.  

This adorable puppy sleeps through the night and is good at staying home alone during the day, as long as she can get a potty break.  

Chrissy also does well on a leash as long as there are treats involved.  

She is only 6 months old and still very much a puppy, so Chrissy’s new family will need to be committed to continuing her training. Chrissy is great with other dogs and respectful of cat’s space.  

She is a big chewer, but has learned to leave shoes and furniture alone for the most part, although her foster mom still sometimes has to remind her.  

She listens very well to direction but sometimes get frazzled so training takes patience.  

Chrissy is full of love and ready for her next adventure. If you’d like to meet her and get so many puppy kisses, please fill out an application at

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