Every week we introduce you to a new furry friend, looking for their forever home, in our Bluebonnet Animal Hospital and Riverside Vet” Pet Of The Week. This week we’re featuring a feline friend named Bless Up! The phrase “bless up” has Jamaican roots, and when someone says it to you, they are telling you to have a good or a blessed day. It’s a sweet way to wish someone well…just like this kitty, who is super sweet, too.

Bless Up is a loveable, furry couch potato with the cutest mitten paws! He is a reserved gentleman — an introvert who loves interacting with his people and is very friendly, but he is definitely particular about the affection he receives. He’s not a lap cat, and isn’t keen on being picked up, but he certainly enjoys being next to you on the sofa, or on his own chair where he can hang out nearby.

Bless Up has tested positive for Feline Leukemia. F-e-L-V is not a type of cancer. It’s a virus that causes a weaker immune system. For the most part, ‘FeLVs’ are just like any other cat. APA waives the adoption fees of these cats, and provides FeLV-related treatment and support, post-adoption. Bless Up can only live with other FeLV-positive cats, but dogs and other animals are just fine!

If you’re interested in adopting Bless Up, visit Austin Pets Alive dot org, and while you’re there check out some of their events for KXAN’s “Clear The Shelters”. Today, tomorrow and Friday they are offering a Dog Playgroup watch party from 4:30-6, and through Sunday, all dog and cat adoptions are “pay what you can.” It’s a big weekend!

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