Austin Pets Alive! is featuring for Clover for Bluebonnet Animal Hospital’s “Pet of the Week” segment.

Clover is about 6 years old, weighing 50 pounds, and she looks like a (very cute) German Shepherd mix.

Volunteers say, “Clover is a curious, loving and loyal dog. She likes cuddling up to you on the couch to watch a movie. She also loves swimming in the lake and likes being active outside. She enjoys chasing balls and sticks in the lake – she is still working on retrieving the sticks fully! She also loves chasing balls and toys at home and will bring them back to you to throw again.

“She loves chewing on harder toys like antlers, but will crush a plush toy in under a minute! She isn’t super food focused but loves sitting for a treat. She can be shy and timid when first meeting people, but she soon warms up to them and wants to cuddle. She understands “sit” and “stay” and knows that “no” means she should not do something. She is a house-trained girl who loves her crate, sleeping there and doing very well there when home alone. She is still learning to free roam when home alone.

“Clover will love a home with parents who can take her on walks and throw her many, many balls. She has lived with dogs, but lately has been preferring to be the only pup, so she should be the only pet in the home. Clover is a sweet girl who will always get excited to see you and let you know how much she loves you! Come meet this little lady today!”

Austin Pets Alive! is also providing quick tips for dog owners to remember this summer:

  1. Exercise your pet lightly during the early morning and late evening hours and stick to shady areas. 
  2. Keep your dog home and out of the elements from approximately 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Don’t take your dog running during this time – it is just too dangerous.
  3. Never leave your dog in a car without the AC on. They can die very quickly.
  4. Include water in your dog’s play routine. Splash pads, baby pools, lakes, and rivers are all great ways to help your dog have a blast and stay cool. However, in the heat of the day, even water won’t keep your dog cool enough, so save these activities for morning and evening. 

“Every summer, when temperatures get this high, dogs in our community are dying from heat-related illness,” warns Dr. Ellen Jefferson, President and CEO of Austin Pets Alive! “This is tragic and preventable. We can’t say it enough. Keep your pets home and indoors when it is this hot.” 

Want to help walk dogs early in the morning or later in the day at the nonprofit animal shelter? Austin Pets Alive! is always looking for volunteers! Just go to their website:

Austin Pets Alive! wants to get pets out of the kennels and into air conditioning in your home! Effective through June 16th, they are hosting a “Heat Waive” adoption special and waiving traditional adoption fees (except surgery deposits). The nonprofit shelter is asking people to name their own adoption fee for all animals at Austin Pets Alive! You can name your own price to adopt a pet in foster or one currently at APA! The shelter is open Saturday, Sunday and every day from noon to 6 p.m.

Learn more about volunteering, fostering, adopting and donating to Austin Pets Alive! at

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