Every week we introduce you to a new furry friend, looking for their forever home, in our Bluebonnet Animal Hospital Pet Of The Week.

Adina came to ADR earlier this year carrying a litter of puppies who have all been adopted, and now Adina is ready to find her forever home. Adina is very sweet with people, but she can be a bit timid at first. Once she is comfortable, she loves to be with her human and her goofy, fun personality comes out. She loves to play, especially with a frisbee, but once she gets some energy out she can be a very low key dog. She also enjoys a good chew toy and will happily entertain herself with one.

Adina is a very independent dog and would do best with an experienced owner who will continue her training and provide her with structure, rules and boundaries within her home. She thrives in an environment where she knows what is expected of her. She can be a bit stubborn, but is very food motivated which helps a lot when she is debating if she wants to follow instructions.

Adina would be best suited as an only dog and we would not consider her to be a “dog park dog”. As mentioned, she prefers structure and boundaries. She is ok to be around other dogs in a controlled environment where everyone is on leash and she has her own space, but she does not want to be social with strange dogs.

ADR would not recommend Adina for a home with young children or cats/other small animals.

Austin Dog Rescue’s mission is to end the cycle of homeless animals by saving dogs from Central Texas Shelters. If you would like to know more about Adina or any other available pets go to AustinDog.org

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