Best Plants To Use As A Natural Mosquito Repellent

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According to mosquito season in Texas begins in March at the outset of the spring season and ends in October right before the start of fall. The peak activity of these annoying pests in Texas occurs when temperatures are high. So, we reached out to our favorite plant expert, Lance Roberson with PLance to see what are some of the best plants to repel against mosquitos.

Plants To Use As A Natural Mosquito Repellent:

1. Citrosa (Citronella Geranium)

In the spring the more sun the better, but in the summer some shade is good to keep watering needs lower. It is a geranium, so flowers will come spring and fall. Lance suggests using blooming plant food to encourage flowering. Check out This Homemade Plant Food: keep your garden blooming | Snappy Living

2. Lavender

Very drought resistant! Too much water is often the cause of death. Many varieties can be put into places where nothing but natural rainwater is received. 

3. Basil

An easy herb to grow. It should be cut back in the late summer for a second fall flush of growth. Once dried, basil lasts for years, getting less potent as time goes. 

4. Catnip

A member of the mint family will spread as it grows. It’s easy to care for if you have space for it to grow. Some cats love it and may damage it.

5. Juniper

Many varieties to choose from, great evergreen tree that grows on our rocky outcrops well, and the sap will physically trap mosquitos.  

Check Out These 25 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally!

  • Eliminating standing water is the best way to stop mosquitos.  Mosquitos historically are the largest cause of death because of their ability to be a vector (spreader) of many diseases that can be transmitted between people, as well as animals. 
  • Feeding plants is important this time of year especially. Planting now will save money in the long run on establishing plants before our summer heat will begin to cause water needs to rise.
  • Because of our once-in-a-lifetime freeze this year, and because we are in so many migratory bird flight paths, there are going to be many wildflowers and plants that have never been able to germinate that are going to emerge this year.  


PLance is in the process of creating a community sustainability organization that is focused on using technology to assist in the maintenance and operations of landscapes and will finally have services that are available to the public at large.

We are going to work with local homeowners, HOA’s, businesses, and landowners of all kinds in assisting in the reduction of the use of natural resources in the maintenance of their landscapes. From water conservation to non-petroleum-fueled automated mowers and community mulch and compost programs, we want to help Texans maintain their landscapes in the most efficient and sustainable ways possible, while also ensuring the plants are of the same quality that you would expect out of our nurseries. “

Lance Roberson

To learn more about Lance’s services, visit his website, or give him a call at 512-672-9250. You can also shoot him an email with any of your plant questions to

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