Susie Busch Transou of the Busch Beer family shows us the art to pouring beer. First, Susie demonstrated how to properly pour a beer and then she shows us how NOT to pour it.

When properly poured, it reduces the CO2 carbonation and actually makes the beer taste better and reduce all of those gassy, filling bubbles. Susie then showcases a variety of beer glasses perfect for beer lovers.

The monti glass is perfectly measured to hold your favorite pint size pour. For pilsner beer, the Monti-pils has a slender tall body that enhances the carbonation in these beers and helps maintain a longer effervescence. For an IPA beer, the glass makers studied and developed the shape of the glass to promote the aeration. As the liquid is poured, it is taken on a mini roller coaster ride down the glass. The conical inverted bottom of each glass catches the initial splash of your pour and gently leads the head of foam up to the surface. The glasses here are mouth blown and made of lead-free crystal, which highlights the color of each of the varied beers shown. To shop these glasses, visit Hearth and Soul’s website.

Hearth and Soul offers monthly fitness and charity partners along with other events. Every wednesday is White Claw Wednesday, served from 1 to closing and Mondays, they host a story time for kids. The fitness and charity partners change monthly.

For more information check them out online at Heart & Soul, or at their storefront in Tarrytown.