Tim Angelillo of Sourced Craft Cocktails joined Steph and Rosie live during Steph’s birthday show to talk about what delicious things Sourced is up to now! He had the gals blend up a newly-released recipe: Sourced’s “Frosé.” They also sipped on draft cocktails from Sourced’s Fourth of July package, which provide 15 drinks apiece: the “Burnt Orange” (Sazerac Rye Whiskey, homemade honey syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice and blood orange soda) and the “Classic Margarita” (Milagro Silver Tequila, orange cordial, fresh squeezed lime juice, and homemade honey syrup).

Back in March when COVID-19 hit, Sourced Craft Cocktails shifted its normal event-focused cocktail service to a new, at-home program that focused on bringing bottled quality cocktails to people’s homes during this period of social distancing. The program provides support to local businesses, including spirits retailers and purveyors of fruits, garnishes and other ingredients, as well as local bartenders, whom Sourced is hiring to do the cocktail delivery, as many of whom are currently out of work due to the closure/decrease in capacity of restaurants and bars. 

On July 1st, Sourced is revamping their current menu to feature a new set of cocktails that are perfect for the Texas Summer heat, including their new “Frosé!” In a Frosé cocktail kit, you’ll get a bottle of One Hope Rosé, a Small Bottle of Bacardi Silver and a homemade Strawberry Syrup, along with Source reusable/recyclable cups, a jigger (a bartender’s measuring tool) and instructions on how to mix. All you have to do is follow the instructions on your menu, and grab ice and a blender!

Also on July 1st, Sourced is launching a brand-new product line called the Sourced Draft Pass, the world’s first in-home draft cocktail machine, complete with in-home delivery. With over 12 cocktails to choose from, Draft Pass gives you flawless cocktails with the pull of a handle. Upon delivery, Sourced’s mobile bartender mixes, carbonates, and seals your drink at your doorstep. All you have to do is take the sealed drinks with you to the lake, pool, or your own backyard! The Burnt Orange and Classic Margarita that Rosie and Steph tried is actually a cerebral choice by Sourced: with a dark liquor drink and a light liquor drink on-hand at your party, you’ll actually have 95% of any guests spirits/cocktail preferences covered!

Feeling thirsty? You can choose from 12+ cocktails that will be delivered to your door, same day if ordered before 2 p.m.! Learn more about what Sourced Craft Cocktails has to offer online.