Kevin Gourley is a photographer in Austin who wants provide excellent photographic services for individuals and businesses, being attentive to the specific needs of each client.

He has some great tips and tricks to get your kiddos ready for back to school photos:

TIP #1: You can do this with any camera!

A smartphone/iPhone can really help because it is convenient, and allows for more spontaneous capturing of a moment in the midst of getting your child ready for school. The best camera is the one you have with you when you need it!

TIP #2: Photo Legacy

Try to think to the future, years later, after the kids are grown, what will you want to remember about this moment with your photographs? Or even beyond that, what will your kids wish you had photographed, years later, after YOU are gone? Let that inform you as to what to photograph. Include mom or dad in the photo. Include the front of your house, or their bedroom, a beloved pet, or their favorite backpack. Get photos of them getting ready, putting things in their backpack, walking down the street to the bus, etc. Remember you are not just photographing your child. You are photographing a special moment in time, a context in life that will be ever changing.

Tip #3: Change your perspective

See the world from different fun angles, to make a photograph more interesting. Try photographing looking down, or up, or photograph from your child’s eye-level perspective. If you think about it, if your child is still little, their view of the world and memories may be a different perspective from yours!

Tip #4: Composition

Think about placement of visual elements in your photos. You don’t have to always put the subject in the center. There is a popular guideline called the Rule of Thirds, where you divide the scene into thirds and place the key subject at one of those thirds divisions.

Tip #5: Get to know your camera’s features beyond just the basics.

This allows you to have more creative control. Learn how to choose where your camera focuses, or to lighten or darken the image. Some iPhones have advanced features such as Portrait Mode or Portait Lighting options. Did you know on an iPhone, in the Camera app, the volume up button will cause it to take a photo without having to click on the round circle button on the screen? That can be really convenient for more spontaneous shots! The more you take the time to learn how to operate your camera or a smartphone, the better your pictures will be!

Kevin also continually offers a wide range of photography classes out of his studio in northwest Austin.

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