The excitement of a new addition to the family is felt by all in the home and that includes your dog. Amy Fiala, founder of Game Time Dog Services shared share some tips to make it a smooth transition for.

Before Your Due Date:

  1. Dogs like constants — move dog bed to new location, gate off areas you won’t want them in later
  2. Introduce stroller, rocker, rattle, white noise and let them investigate. Use treats
  3. Let hound smell all the new smells: baby lotion, powder
  4. Introduce kids: take your dog to the park — go on walk with a friend and their kids. Monitor closely and use treats
  5. Stock-up on their favorite toys/treats to have on hand later
  6. Break bad habits like jumping/ being mouthy. Teach ‘back’ cue and start training now
  7. Line up sitter/dog walker for when you are in the hospital. Needs to be someone you can call at 3 AM and dependable

While In The Hospital:

When someone runs home, take a blanket worn by the baby to the dog to introduce new baby smell. Maybe put the blanket in dog bed.

Baby Arrives Home:

  1. Keep a calm energy & voice
  2. Your pet will be super excited to see you; have your partner hold the baby while you say ‘hi’
  3. Have partner/dog walker take dog on a long walk to burn off excitable energy
  4. Sit securely and let dog sniff newborn’s feet (this will progress to chest area, etc – start w/ feet)
  5. While breastfeeding/bottle, have your partner give your dog high value treats a few feet away. Close enough so dog is aware of what you are doing
  6. Exercise is your dogs ‘happy pill’, give them a long walk every day
  7. Repeat 3-6 often

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