Are you looking for a more sustainable life in a community that has won awards for its lifestyle and amenities? Whisper Valley, and EcoSmart Community, focuses on zero-energy capability for its homes. Nevia Lopez, Lifestyle Manager at Whisper Valley, joined Studio 512 to talk about what sets Whisper Valley apart.

What types of events do you put on for the community?

“Our events are geared toward healthy living, local foods & business, and nurturing community. We do everything from cooking demos that show residents how to prepare fresh, seasonal ingredients from the Whisper Valley gardens, to our monthly, resident-organized Farmers Market, to larger block parties & pool parties with music & dancing, to group fitness classes like yoga, water aerobics, dance classes, and more. I always encourage the residents who have unique businesses or skillsets to bring them forward so we can bring visibility and support them!”

Have you brought any new programming to the Whisper Valley Community?

“I’m most happy about starting our bi-monthly Garden Education Classes and our ‘Ya’ll Means All’ Program. The Garden Education classes are seen as an extension to the Whisper Valley Organic Garden program, where residents get to volunteer 3x a week with Farmers Fay & Zac and bring home fresh nutritious produce from several large gardens. We work with both Farmer Fay & our Sunscape Landscape team to bring additional knowledge to the residents in a classroom setting that empowers them to start their own backyard gardens and pollinator habitats.

The ‘Ya’ll Means All’ Program is a monthly event series focused on belonging, where we celebrate different nationally-recognized heritages each month. So far, we’ve had our Pride Pool Party, had a salsa aerobics class for Caribbean American Heritage, made a French piperade during a cooking demo, and have plans for our own Oktoberfest with German American Heritage month in October. We encourage residents who resonate with any heritage to bring their ideas to me through our newsletters and new resident orientations.”

What do you hope residents get out of attending your events?

“I truly believe the health of a community is measured by how often residents get opportunities to engage and build meaningful relationships where they can rely on & support one another. The standard American lifestyle encourages so much isolation and individualism. This is not true for Whisper Valley. Our residents see Whisper Valley as a place that connects them to a bigger purpose. If we want people to thrive, we must create these conditions, and that’s what I hope to accomplish through our Lifestyle Program. We recently started our Whisper Valley Social Committee to help me co-create experiences that truly embrace the authentic wishes & desires of the community.”

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