Pamela Cotton, the vice president of member services at Austin Telco Federal Credit Union, joined Studio 512 Host Rosie Newberry at Q2 Stadium to talk about becoming the official credit union of Austin FC, and more.

What motivated Austin Telco to become partners with Austin FC?

“We decided to partner with Austin FC because they share one of our main core values, ‘People helping people.’ They pride themselves in representing Austin and its communities. Not only do they represent the Austin community, but they also heavily support local businesses and are very involved with the community. Austin FC has a remarkable network, and we hope to reach as many individuals as we can in the Austin area to show who we are and what we have to offer to the community.”

What does the partnership with Austin FC and Austin Telco mean? How will people benefit from it?

“We plan to expand our reach within the community. This will create more opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community. Austin Telco is also planning a shopping day for all its members where they will be able to visit the Verde Store and receive an exclusive discount on merchandise. We also plan to host two Hispanic Austin Leadership events at Q2 Stadium every year, offering free classes on a variety of financial and leadership topics.”

“Austin Telco has the naming rights to the 300-level concourse on the west side of Q2 Stadium, which will now be called ‘The Austin Telco Terrace.'”

You mentioned the Austin Telco Terrace, what does the new space entail?

“There will be two new murals within the terrace painted by two local artists, Avery O. Houser, a local Austinite, and Luis Angulo. You can find us at our Austin Telco booth on the home opener on February 25 and at a few other games throughout the season for giveaways, sweepstakes, Telco swag, and free items.”

Austin Telco is now the official credit union of Austin FC. Check out our dedicated Austin FC page to keep up with the game schedule and see the latest news and events happening with Austin Telco and Austin FC. You can also check out our website and follow us on social @AustinTelco.

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