Residential real estate has been on fire in Austin as one of the hottest and fastest-growing markets in the nation. Cameron Breed is an expert in the field of mortgage and providing her clients with the tools to execute a quick and easy closing. This is made even more possible now that SWBC Mortgage is launching “Turnkey Closings” aka digital closings. This allows for borrowers to e-close the majority of their documents, thus reducing time at the title company. 

I think the best thing about the e-close option is that it gives borrowers the option to review and sign their documents in advance of being at the title company. We have always provided the borrower with the option to review their documents beforehand but being able to review, ask questions, and sign ahead of going to the title company alleviates the stress involved. The process also shortens the timeline of closing and expedites funding for purchases as well.”

Cameron Breed

Some important stats about the housing market from The Breed Team/SWBC Mortgage Company:

1) For home buyers, inventory has slightly increased, so if the spring boom scared off you off from buying, now might be a good time to get back in the market to shop before rates go back up.

2) Advice: refinance and take out equity! With prices increasing significantly, some buyers might not be in a position to make the move up buy right now, but they can refinance and take equity out to make improvements to their current home with the increase in values.

3) Values are up, which means it is still a good time to refinance and potentially eliminate PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) even if you bought last year. If a borrower purchased with 5% down and the house has increased 15% (less than Austin average), The Breed Team can refinance and eliminate PMI.

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