Jasmin Todd, the master stylist/curl specialist of Austin Curls, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us about what they offer and more.

What does Austin Curls offer?

“We offer a unique service demonstrating a niche type of salon for curly hair. We encourage the curl through our cutting, color, and styling services. We treat and care for every client’s unique curl pattern and texture.”

What are curly clients looking for when they find Austin Curls and what can they expect?

“A safe place to get a haircut by someone knowledgeable about their curl type and what it will take to manage a great cut and style, and to be educated and better equipped going forward in their journey.”

Why curly hair why not straight hair or service both?

“All of the stylists here have interesting stories about what brought us to love curls in an industry and world that has not encouraged curls. Curly, textured hair needs a place dedicated to it that can relate and doesn’t underestimate the knowledge, uniqueness, time, and care that’s required to achieve an individual’s results.”

In three years you have built a team of specialists, what are your goals for Austin Curls?

“To continue to create a place in the Austin community that feels like home to curlies where good experiences happen, where they are welcomed and can feel understood.”

Learn more about Austin Curls at AustinCurls.com.

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