Laurel Belfiore, the owner and founder of AUSTEX Wellness and Medical Spa, joined Studio 512 Host Rosie Newberry to talk about their new device called the Vivace Ultra Radio Frequency Treatment.

As you’re preparing to celebrate your 7th anniversary at the spa this year, tell us about a new service that you’ve been waiting patiently to announce.

“Yes, we’re always seeking the best, safest devices and services to fulfill the needs of a diverse audience. We’ve been waiting excitedly to launch our newest device, the Vivace Ultra RF Treatment, which just got FDA approval in November.”

“This is the latest upgrade to the existing Vivace RF device which we’ve done hundreds of treatments on patients with. We’re one of the first five practices in the country to launch the Vivace Ultra device, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

“The Vivace Ultra is FDA-cleared to treat fine lines and wrinkles, improve surgical scars, skin tone, and acne scarring; and tighten loose or sagging skin on the face, neck, and body. This offers dramatic results with little to no downtime.”

Okay, so you already have the existing Vivace RF device, which patients love, why would you upgrade to the newest model?

“We are technology and safety fanatics, so we just had to be one of the first to get the Vivace Ultra.”

The newest upgrade has two major changes:

  1. There are two modalities, one handpiece for ultrasound, which can map 31 different body sites, measures the depth of the dermis and epidermis, and treats each area to improve elastin and collagen in the skin. This allows a more precise treatment protocol for each of the areas on the body, as thickness varies from area to area.
  2. The second and main modality is the RF micro-needling handpiece, which offers 3 different configurations. We can treat the delicate eye area with 4 gold-tipped pins, or the face & neck with the 36-pin, and finally, they have released a 60-pin configuration that can treat larger body parts such as the abdomen, flanks, legs, etc.

Who is a good candidate for the Vivace Ultra, and how can folks learn more?

“Men and women of all skin tones can be candidates. We recommend a free consult with our nurse or one of our amazing aestheticians to chat about your skin goals to see if this treatment is right for you.”

“We love Vivace Ultra so much we’re offering launch specials of 25% off of a series of three, and also free skincare bundles to further improve your results. The device has already won an ELLE Future of Beauty Award. Love the skin you’re in with Vivace Ultra!”

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