Mukesh Patel, the chief officer of business and finance at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, joined Studio 512 Host Rosie Newberry to discuss their concession brand “Shop. Savor. Groove.”

Tell us why you’re here today – what’s going on at the Austin airport?

“Our airport is experiencing tremendous growth and seeing more passengers than ever before. People are flying more, which means the terminal is buzzing with people.”

“One thing people love to do when flying is eat, drink, and shop. And we’re here today to talk about the hiring opportunities at AUS that may interest a lot of your viewers and Austinites.”

That sounds great and like a very unique place to work. Can you tell us more about what types of jobs you’re talking about? Pilots, flight attendants?

“We’re actually talking about jobs that are stationed in the restaurants and shops at the airport. These jobs include bartenders, waiters, cashiers, managers, and sales associates. In total, there are over 60 restaurants and retail stores in the main Barbara Jordan terminal that are staffed with people just like you and me and always looking for more team members.”

I see! What makes working at these locations different from the ones outside in the city? Is working at an airport fun?

“Airports are very unique places. People from across the world walk through our doors every day and are excited to experience AUS. Our airport is well known for its food and beverage options, most of which are local, including Salt Lick Barbecue, the Saxon Pub, and TacoDeli. The people who work at these locations are representing Austin in a bigger way than they realize.”

“Another great thing about working at this airport is how insulated it is. We operate 24 hours a day (hours for the restaurants and retail shops vary), have a lot of security measures in place to ensure a safe working environment, and there are a lot of unique benefits and perks to working at AUS.”

If people are interested in applying for concessions jobs, they can visit

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