Augusta Vin Estate Winery places an emphasis on quality Texas wines made from Texas grapes. With our award-winning winemaker, over 60-acres, 12 varietals and 60,000 vines in our estate vineyard, we strive for a dedication to service creating the ideal wine tasting ambiance that will bring you back for years to come. 100% grown and produced in Texas. Located just south of Fredericksburg, our winery bolsters the region’s growing reputation for fine wines and refined experience.

How would you describe your artisan wine making?

Small production, 100 Texas wines with “Estate” focus. Estate – grown, produced and bottled at Augusta Vin Winery.

What grapes grow in Texas and how are they different from grapes grown in California?

Texas uses mostly Mediterranean grapes in origin because our climates are very similar. California has mostly bordeaux or burgundy in grape selection. Texas also has a shorter growing season unlike California.

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