With home loan rates going up, now is the time to make sure you enlist some help from an expert when shopping for a new home.

Arien Bowersock, the Home Loan Expert, and Grace Tripp — both from the Bowersock Team — joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to share some insights for new home buyers.

Is now still a good time to purchase a home?

“Yes, people aren’t going to stop moving to Austin and the demand hasn’t died down, so that means it’s always a good time to buy. The love affair with Austin isn’t going away.”

You have your Hero Loan program for VA loans, how does your work with active duty military and veterans set you apart from other lenders?

“I like to call myself the VA Loan Queen, and we make it super easy for veterans and active duty military to use their VA benefit to buy a home. With our Hero Loan program, VA buyers pay no money down and we do all the heavy lifting, keeping monthly payments as low as possible.”

How does Homes By AVI set itself apart to make sure any eligible veteran can purchase one of their homes, which is something most builders won’t do?

“I’m the preferred lender for Homes By AVI, and each one of their communities, including locations in Georgetown and Kyle, Goodnight Ranch, and more, are approved for VA purchase. Lots of builders won’t do that because it’s a very long and arduous process for the builder. But Homes By AVI goes the extra mile to provide opportunities for new housing for veterans, as well as a $6500 your-way credit to use at closing.”

To learn more about how Arien and her team can help first-time homebuyers and investors, go to BowersockTeam.com.

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