Influencer, entrepreneur, and single mom, Courtney Shields launches first-ever beauty brand, DIBS, a mistake-proof cosmetics collection for face and body.

Mid-pandemic, Courtney connected with multi-faceted brand builder Jeff Lee, DIBS Co-founder, and CEO. She shared her vision of creating a collection of easy-to-use, effortless, multi-purpose products that were so good, you would want to take them with you if you were going to a deserted island: products that deserve Desert Island Beauty Status.

As a woman of Lebanese descent who grew up in the South (Hometown Austin, Texas), Courtney has made it her life’s mission to develop all-inclusive beauty that will not only resonate with her 1.2 million social media followers but will also empower future beauty seekers. 

I’ve never felt that the midwestern and southern woman has been represented in the industry, or has had her needs addressed. It wasn’t always easy for me to find my place in beauty as a woman of Lebanese heritage growing up in Texas. I needed to accept that being different meant I could set my own trends and establish my own beauty approach. I want to help every consumer find a way to express their own definition of beauty, no matter the level of their beauty knowledge or how busy they are.”

Courtney Shields

Courtney identified a critical gap in the cosmetics space seeing there wasn’t a collection for people just like her, who live across the country and are too busy dealing with their relentlessly packed schedules to bother with multi-step makeup routines and the numerous brushes and applicators that go along with them. They need something that not only allows them to effortlessly transform their look from everyday vibes to pretty glam for nights out but also something that makes makeup fun again while being vegan, cruelty-free, and skin-loving.

DIBS is an entirely new approach that takes intimidation out of makeup.

The cosmetics line celebrates Austin’s diverse community and fast-paced lifestyle with a high-pigmented multi-tasking and universal hues, specially created to easily pack away and take on the go.   

The carefully poured stick forms are made from customized tools and are enriched with the finest ingredients formulated specifically to be multi-purpose and stackable — to help build and reconstruct various looks, multiple times over. From the carefully curated shade range to the intoxicating vanilla scent and stunning pigment payoff, each product in the collection has been thoughtfully formulated to truly elevate the everyday.

The Status Sticks and Duos are designed to blend and layer with each other and formulated with mango seed butter from organic mangoes grown in India and finished in Denmark using seven proprietary steps. The highly efficacious ingredient is packed with nutrients, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, and E for a non-comedogenic, buttery glide.

The Status Stick ($32): Developed for infinite applications, the Status Stick is a no-mess, mistake-proof essential. The skin-enhancing sheen can be used as a traditional highlighter, under foundation for a hydrating glow or even to neutralize redness across the body. The hydrating, non-comedogenic formula is blended with fatty acid-rich mango seed butter, niacinamide and avocado, and jojoba oils to nourish the skin. Available in Bronze, Gold, and Champagne.

The Desert Island Duo ($32): This dual-ended stick features a creamy bronzer on one end and a blush on the other in complementary shades for use on cheeks, eyes, and lips. The sticks deliver vivid pigment payoff with easy-to-blend formulas that contain mango seed butter, sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid), and a potent, antioxidant-rich blend of botanical oils. Available in six shades, designed to mix and match for countless possibilities.

All DIBS products are Leaping Bunny certified, vegan, allergy tested and dermatologist tested and formulated without 1400 controversial ingredients.

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The Power Of Minimalistic Beauty: Courtney Sheilds Shares Tips When Using DIBS

1. Use the status stick and desert island duo on bare skin for the most beautiful, glassy-looking natural skin.

2. Use the status stick BEFORE you apply foundation and it will glow from underneath.

3. Apply “Unbothered Bronze” on the eyelid as an eyeshadow and add a little bit of bronzer in the crease and the blush shades as a lip.

4. Apply unbothered bronze mixed with either Good Life Gold or High Road Highlight all over the legs for a date and on the shoulders for the most flawless skin look.

5. You can apply the products with fingers, a brush, or a damp beauty sponge, and don’t forget to throw them in your bag to build as the day goes. They are meant to layer!!

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