Amanda Glick from Kiss N’ Makeup visited with Studio 512 to discuss AM and PM skincare routines as we head into the cooler months of the year.

Amanda’s tips:

AM – keep it simple and make sure your skin is hydrated. If you struggle with acne, use a cleanser in the morning to help strip your skin of some oils. If you don’t need the extra help with acne, use a micellar wash or a rosewater toner on a cotton pad to rehydrate the skin, then moisturize. Amanda loves the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line. Look for Hyaluronic Acid in your products. The moisture in the acid penetrates your skin more deeply. Then polish off with a sunscreen, no matter what time of the year it is! Amanda uses ISDIN mineral sunscreen, which also comes in tinted options.

PM – If you wore makeup all day, Amanda says to make sure you are double cleansing! You can use a makeup wipe and then cleanser, or the same cleanser twice. The Cerave cleanser is a great option. Then you want to tone your skin. Amanda’s “holy grail” is the Cocokind Rosewater toner, and finish with your favorite moisturizer. Amanda suggests oil moisturizers at night to really help lock in moisture. Added tip: silk pillowcases are a great option for your hair and skin. No matter what pillowcase you use, make sure that you are washing it often!

Did you know there are also blue-light-blocking oils that you can use if you’re sitting in front of the computer all day? Try this Acure option, which you apply at night in the place of a moisturizer.

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