Life Coach Amanda McPherson is taking the month of February to focus on all things “love,” inward and outward. She joined Studio 512 to talk about how the pandemic has changed the dating landscape.

Here’s what’s new with dating, according to Amanda:

  • “First, it’s not dead! People ARE dating, and have been throughout the pandemic (even on video, phone etc.).
  • People are shifting their priorities. They’re more concerned with character than external attributes.
  • People are realizing they want to share their lives with a partner. Time alone has led to a lot of clarity!
  • Studies show daters more open to different cultures and ethnicities.”

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Amanda also touched on the importance of self-love for the month of February. She says that you can’t have a good external relationship without a good internal one first!

  • “Become mindful. People who have self-love tend to know what they think, feel and want in the world.
  • Remember to be kind to yourself! Giving yourself grace for mistakes is key.
  • Have healthy boundaries. When you set them, keep them. It’s a good way to respect your own feelings, which are so important.”

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