Ali Khan, foodie, food journalist and network personality, joined Studio 512 to talk about everything he’s been up to lately!

Ali says, “I started out as a food writer, then blogger, then I got my TV break on Cooking Channel with ‘Cheap Eats’ in 2015. Since then, I’ve hosted two season of ‘Spring Baking Championship’ on Food Network, been on ‘Chopped,’ ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate,’ History Channel’s ‘Food That Changed America,’ and most recently was a judge on the first season of NFL Tailgate Takedown on Food Network.

I’m now the ‘Burger Columnist’ (but I like to say ‘Burger Guru’) for Texas Highways Magazine. When you see what has been done with BBQ – and, more recently, tacos – burgers were begging to be anointed.

“One of my favorite parts for the stories on Texas Highways has been burger recipes. There, I team up with chef to dive into a burger concept and tinker with what can make the best experience, and geared for the home cook. Here are my two ‘perfect’ burger recipes:

Fancy version: “Brioche or pan au lait bun, onion bacon jam, local Wagyu patty (Texas has great beef producers, so do yourself a favor and take advantage! I would suggest five ounces, seared, medium to medium rare), Gruyere, arugula and housemade aioli.

The version for the people: “Potato bun with slightly caramelized, minced onions, local Wagyu patty (in this case, I’d suggest smashed – two patties at 2.5 oz each), two slices of American cheese (I like Boar’s Head sliced at the deli), Best Maid pickles and “Tex Mac” sauce (yellow mustard, mayonnaise, pickled serrano, sugar, white vinegar). You have the option to add shredded lettuce on the bottom bun.

For NFL Tailgate Takedown, which premiered during the NFL Playoffs, I was a judge on three episodes. The series is hosted by Food Network’s Sunny Anderson & NFL’s Vince Wilfork. I got to work with Eddie Jackson and Kelsey Barnard Clark. Judging with a FN star winner and a top chef winner was a highlight! Along with the food (duh).”

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