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Georgetown electronics manufacturer recognizing essential workers

Georgetown-basedAirBorn, Inc., designs and builds critical electronic components for medical and defense customers around the world. Products built here in Central Texas wind up anywhere from emergency rooms to outer space.

“What we build at AirBorn ends up in hospitals and doctors’ offices, the front lines and in Outer space,” explained AirBorn Vice President Angela Wright. “Our employees are essential because they build essential parts for the tools our nurses, doctors and first responders use day in and day out. AirBorn supports KXAN’s Hometown Heroes program in part because we recognize the important work being done in our community by essential women and men.”

AirBorn is an employee-owned company that has been doing business in Texas since 1958 when it was founded to build electrical connectors for fighter jets. Since then, the company has expanded to 10 manufacturing locations in the US, Canada and United Kingdom. The company employs engineers, assembly technicians as well as business support staff. To learn about current job openings and career opportunities at AirBorn, click here.

AirBorn engineers help bring the next generation of mission critical electronics to life by working closely with customers to solve challenges. For example, the company developed a stackable connector which allowed engineers to reduce the amount of physical space needed for an electronic device. The connector eliminated the need for a traditional “motherboard” allowing for efficient use of limited space.

Likewise, AirBorn engineers were engaged by a large defense contractor to design a fiber optical cable that could be used in space. Last summer, AirBorn unveiled the FoCus product line at its Georgetown offices. The Space-rated Active Optical Cable is the first of its kind to be certified for space flight.

Military Connectors

AirBorn builds rugged connectors for military electronic devices used by fighter jets, missile systems, naval ships and soldier-worn equipment. Designed to withstand the range of harsh environments faced by service men and women, AirBorn military connectors are qualified to strict military specifications. AirBorn’s flagship M55302rectangular connectors can be found in commercial passenger planes to specialized defense communication technology. AirBorn’s Micro-D Connector was first designed to be a rugged, reliable electronic connector for defense contractors however it has become so successful that is now used in applications ranging from Space exploration, oil & gas exploration and in commercial airliners.

Space Connectors

AirBorn builds rugged connectors designed to withstand the g-forces of rocket launches and meet strict NASA guidelines for outgassing, or how much material is allowed to escape from a product when it enters the vacuum of space. AirBorn’s Georgetown facility features a state of the art testing lab that’s simulates the environmental shocks electronics experience in space such as extreme hot and cold. AirBorn also specializes in building Nano-D Connectors which require a microscope to build. They are popular in Cube Satellites as well as in some medical devices.

Industrial Connectors

As a Texas based company, AirBorn has a rich history working with energy, oil & gas exploration companies to develop connectors that withstand the high heat that comes with drilling. AirBorn also builds lightweight connectors for robotic arms and unmanned aircraft.

Medical Electronics

AirBorn’s electronics manufacturing facilities hold a special rating allowing them to manufacture critical, lifesaving electronics found in hospitals across the country. AirBorn’s engineers work closely with customers to optimize designs for manufacturing and durability within the demands of the medical environment.

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