Kathryn Mitcham, the training and development manager at Nulo, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to talk about how to welcome home a newly adopted shelter pet, as well as being a proud participant in KXAN’s annual pet adoption event.

Nulo is sponsoring the “Match the Met with the Pet” contest. Viewers can go online and try to match the KXAN meteorologists to their pets. When they do, they are entered for a chance to win a Nulo gift basket full of brand products and goodies.

For new pet parents who now have to start shopping for pet food, tell us a little about Nulo and what you’re all about.

Mitcham talked about Michael Landa, his inspiration for founding Nulo, what Nulo means (Nutrition + Love), and their nutritional platform: high meat, low carb recipes for dogs & cats with guaranteed levels of probiotics.

“Nulo offers a huge assortment of unique products for both dogs and cats and is available at all of your local pet shops here in Austin, including many other independent pet stores across the entire county.”

If someone is thinking about bringing home a pet, it can be fun to think about beds, toys, collars, leashes, and those types of things, but what should a new pet parent be thinking about in terms of feeding their new pet?

“You want to set your new pet up for a healthy, happy life together, and choosing the right food is one of the very steps in doing that. Just like with us, what we eat really affects so much of how we’re feeling and also just the quality of our health in the future. When we’re making good decisions for our pets, that’s definitely something to get excited about! With this in mind, we’ve included some of our favorite products for newly adopted dogs or puppies in our gift basket.”

This includes:

  • Calming supplements (helps with the stress of a new environment)
  • Healthy treats: jerky, training treats, & functional granola bars
  • Freeze-dried raw & meaty toppers
  • Canned recipes
  • Nulo-brand bowl & bandana
  • Voucher for a full-sized small bag of kibble or any other Nulo products (up to $39.99)

We heard that you recently adopted a new shelter pup! What are some other tips you can share for pet parents to help their newly adopted pet adjust to their new home?

“Look for the less obvious ones you may have now been drawn to initially. Give all of them a chance — pet’s often have an entirely different personality in a shelter than outside of one.”

“Once home, give your pet time to adjust and come out of their shell (even recover from not feeling their best, for many). This is a big one. It can take anywhere from days to months (depending on your pet’s circumstances and even how long they were in the shelter or whether they were subject to abuse).”

“For dogs specifically, once they’ve had time to adjust, you can usually begin to socialize! Take them out to walk at parks, visit local breweries, or even just go to a friend’s house. All of these things will help your new pup adjust to their new life with you, gain confidence, and set them up for success!”

Join Rosie and Dr. Heather Acuff, the director of research and development at Nulo, on Wednesday, August 17 and Wednesday, August 24 at 2 p.m. on KXAN’s Facebook page for “Ask The Experts.” Both will be answering pet questions and helping your furry friend live their healthiest and best life. To learn more about Nulo, go to Nulo.com.

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