Janet St Paul and Acupuncturist, Dr. Katie Shea, of Janet St Paul Studio joined Steph and Rosie to talk about what’s new at JSP and all about acupuncture. Dr. Shea’s breakdown on acupuncture and at-home remedies are below.


⁃ Utilizes points that lie along meridians, which are energy pathways that traveling throughout the surface of your skin

⁃ There are hundreds of points and each one is designed to elicit a very specific effect on the body

⁃ An example of a commonly used acupuncture point is on the inside of your wrist where many people are familiar with applying pressure to reduce nausea

⁃ Enhances your body’s ability to heal itself by removing blockages in energy flow that will otherwise result in symptoms like pain, stiffness, tension, or even internal imbalances like digestive issues, emotional stress, difficulty sleeping, and many more

⁃ Everyone can benefit from acupuncture because it takes into account a person’s symptoms and more subtle signs of imbalance that an acupuncturist is trained to detect while also acknowledging that each of us varies in our underlying constitution

⁃ For this reason, there are a lot of questions that go into an evaluation by an acupuncturist that seem unrelated but this medicine was designed to see the human form as one complete system that includes the body and mind

⁃ Therein, an imbalance in one area will inevitably affect many other systems, especially if left unchecked

⁃ Common things that acupuncture can help treat: aches and pain, stress, allergies, insomnia, digestive issues, emotional fluctuations, hormone imbalance, fatigue, neuropathy, immune dysfunction, weight gain, headaches and migraines

⁃ Acupuncture can also assist in achieving certain goals like reducing recovery times and improving stamina for athletes or anyone wanting to enhance athletic performance

At Home Remedies

⁃ Because every recommendation is specific to each unique person and the nature of their symptoms, there aren’t a lot of generalized advice that applies to everyone… that said:

⁃ Ginger tea using fresh ginger root (or just cooking with fresh ginger) can improve digestion

⁃ Pressing on the space between the thumb and index finger can be effective at reducing stress in the moment

⁃ Watermelon and cucumber can help your body regulate temperature in the summer heat

⁃ Another food that is useful to incorporate in the summer is mung beans

⁃ Overall, the key is exercising moderation in everything you do and giving your body a fighting chance to maintain homeostasis by balancing high-energy activities with restorative practices

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