A local group of clinics right here in Austin has been helping patients find solutions to better health by developing personalized programs that fit their lifestyles and needs.

Robert Dominguez is one of the many people that Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology has helped shape their health. He is working with a team to help him achieve his weight loss goals using a program called NextStepMD.

Heather Andrews, a NextStepMD health coach with Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about how she is helping Robert, what the program offers, and more.

Robert, Have you faced any challenges since your last check-in?

“Cravings now & then, but I just try to focus on my goal.”

How do coaches guide clients through these challenges?

“As coaches, we always encourage planning and looking ahead at the calendar for upcoming events from travel and vacations to family gatherings and holidays. We educate the importance of healthy choices and nutrition, plus making planned modifications for those special times. This is also helpful when the unexpected happens, and the same guidance would apply. Often the unplanned modifications are due to emotion and anxiety, and we suggest altering your scenery by taking a walk, playing calm music, or taking deep breaths. We recommend trying something other than turn to food. But we also understand, so if you don’t have the ‘best’ choice, try to make the ‘better’ choice. It’s all about identifying our habits and doing our best to prepare ourselves.”

How does a patient= get out of the weight loss phase/this way of eating and move into maintaining their new weight?

“Our program has two parts: weight loss and weight maintenance. Our products provide them with protein and some carbohydrates, and our goal is to transition them to incorporating whole, fresh foods. We work together to create a personalized menu that includes a balance of lean proteins, healthy fats, and natural carbohydrates, such as fresh fruits.”

How do coaches support them during maintenance?

“We insist that they come in once a week without cost. We find that accountability is the answer. It’s just as important to have support during weight maintenance as it was during the weight loss phase. I believe the journey doesn’t end when the main goal is achieved. We must continue goal setting and keep our ‘why’ at the forefront as we live a brand-new lifestyle filled with healthy habits.”

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