National Arbor Day is coming up soon and we asked Bobby Jenkins of ABC Home & Commercial Services to tell us some history as well as tell us how they can help you!

This year we celebrate the 149th Arbor day – can you tell us a little about its history?

One of the original citizens of Nebraska City, J. Sterling Morton (whose son would go on to found the Morton Salt Company) was a famed agriculturalist who would go on to serve as Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland. But first, in 1872, Morton founded Arbor Day to encourage individuals, groups and municipalities alike to plant trees. He encouraged people to plant trees because they were needed as windbreaks to keep soil in place, for fuel and building materials, and for shade from the hot sun. On that first Arbor Day alone, over one million trees were planted in Nebraska.

Fast forward to today and there are a bunch of great ways people can get involved with keeping Austin green – can you talk to us about the Trail Foundation?

This year The Trail Foundation is looking for volunteers to help plant thousands of trees in Austin. The goal is to beat last year’s goal and plant 8,000 trees in 2020. The foundation is also getting help with vegetation with the help of baby and adult goats. They use goats because they can safely eat poison ivy and have no harmful reactions.

And if you have trees at home that need some help ABC Home & Commercial Services offers quite a few options to help our leafy friends.

Tree Services & Tree Trimming in Austin – In addition to their natural beauty, having trees on your property adds value to your home and helps cut cooling costs. However, trees require specialized care and can cause damage to your home if not properly maintained. When it comes to tree service, Austin homeowners rely on ABC Home & Commercial Services for trimming, fertilization and post-storm debris removal.

Tree Removal in Austin – The Texas Forest Service estimates that over 5 million trees in urban areas across the state have died in the past few years because of prolonged dry conditions. These drought-weakened trees can more easily fall, causing significant damage to your home and surrounding properties. When it comes to tree removal, Austin homeowners count on the arborists at ABC Home & Commercial Services to quickly and safely get the job done.

Tree Air Excavation – Texas trees suffering from shallow soil compaction or lacking root growth due to poor topsoil quality can get the life lift they need from ABC’s air excavation service. The de-compaction and aeration this service provides – coupled with a carefully curated healthy growing plan from our certified arborists – will help keep your trees in good shape for years to come.

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