Midterm elections are upon us. Whether you are early voting or waiting for election day to cast your ballot, you want to make sure you are an educated voter.

Jessica Lemann, the senior associate state director of Outreach and Advocacy at AARP Texas, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to share resources and more.

The election is right around the corner, and AARP has put together a number of resources for voters. Can you tell us about them?

“AARP Texas is committed to providing trusted, non-partisan information to older Austinites and the general public about the upcoming general election. We put together a voting guide that addresses the when, where, and how of voting given the changes to Texas voting laws that passed in 2021, particularly around mail-in ballots. We also worked with candidates running for Mayor of Austin to create video voter guides where people can hear directly from them on issues that impact older Austinites.”

Can you tell us about the issues addressed in your Mayoral Video Voter Guide?

“The issues that we see affecting older Austinites are issues that impact people of all ages. We asked them about transportation, in this case, access to transportation options for those who do not drive, like some older adults. We also asked about housing, and what the city can do to create a greater variety of housing options for people of various incomes. And finally, we wanted to hear from them about how Austin can be resilient in the face of natural disasters. Older adults are particularly vulnerable, as we saw during Winter Storm Uriel.”

How can people access these voter guides?

You can find our how-to voting guide at AARP.org/txvotes, and you can find our Austin Mayoral Candidate Video Voter Guide at AARP.org/Austin — not only will you find our voter guide, but you can find out about both virtual and in-person events we host on a variety of topics.”

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