In celebration of Mother’s Day, Claire Saldana with Lure By Y+ F shares a DIY Tie-Dye gift your mom will love. Plus, she gives tips when ti-dyeing to keep us staying trendy during quarantine and spring.

· Dye (Claire bought the Tulip kit from Micheals, it comes with a lot of the things you need)
· Paper towels
· Tarp or Cut trash bag to prevent messes
· Rubber bands
· Bowl
· Gloves
· Gallon plastic bag

· Set up your area, lay down your tarp, and set up your dyes.
· Determine the print you want your finished product to look like.
· Rubber band your item according to your desired print.
· Put your gloves on and get ready to dye!
· Dye in the color pattern you’d like.
· Once done place in a gallon-sized ziplock bag to dry (6 – 8 hours).
· Fill washer to a “large load” setting and hottest suitable for the fabric
· Pop into the dryer
· If you’re doing clothing wash separately for the first few washes.

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