Are you looking for a more sustainable life? Whisper Valley, and EcoSmart Community, focuses on focuses on zero-energy capability for its homes. David Currie, Marketing Communications for EcoSmart Solution, joined Studio 512 to talk about what sets Whisper Valley apart.

What tools are available to homeowners in Whisper Valley for energy visibility?

“First of all, just choosing to live in Whisper Valley means you have made a huge commitment to sustainability and more cost-efficient living, simply because of the innovative EcoSmart Solution. A community-wide geothermal exchange infrastructure, or GeoGrid, uses the earth’s natural energy to heat and cool all Whisper Valley Homes. This reduces home energy consumption by up to 70%. When paired with Solar PV to generate electricity, Whisper Valley builders deliver homes that are zero-energy capable with an average HERS rating of 16. That third-party energy rating, HERS, shows our homes are 84% more energy efficient than most homes.

“Our additional EcoSmart technology allows homeowners to monitor their energy usage in real time and learn better energy behavior. Homeowners are in control of how much energy they use, if they really want to maximize their home’s energy efficiency and to further reduce their home’s impact on the environment. A couple of those tools include:

  • Sense. Sense is a home energy monitoring app that allows homeowners to see energy usage in real time.
  • Epic Controls (MyUplink). This system allows EcoSmart to monitor its Grid-wide system to optimize geothermal infrastructure performance for all homes.
  • Energy Storage Option. The option to add energy storage to each home also provides resiliency for our homeowners and is more cost-effective when combined with geothermal and solar technology.”

How does knowing this information change things for homeowners?

“By having the real-time data, each homeowner can make Informed decisions about their lifestyle, and how to maximize their savings. Just like when driving your car, we receive feedback from our cars that tell us how efficiently we are driving, based on miles per gallon or charge. By having this information, we can change our driving habits to maximize our gas or battery usage to get more mileage and make our car go farther in a single trip.”

Can EcoSmart use information to improve the systems for future phases?

“Simply put, yes! EcoSmart’s Macroscale information is similar to a homeowner’s microscale view of energy consumption in helping to evaluate how the overall system is working. Our EcoSmart team can make informed operational decisions based on real data to continue to improve our systems for our customers.

“This system-wide data also tells us when our EcoSmart Energy Center needs to moderate the GeoGrid to manage energy in times of extreme weather events, like 100+ degree summer heat or the catastrophic 11-day deep freeze Texas experienced in February 2021. With 500 homes already built, Whisper Valley also reduces the impact on the electric grid. On a mass basis, we are helping electric providers serve more families in times of extreme weather events.”

Whisper Valley offers a sustainable lifestyle, EcoSmart zero-energy capable homes, and a wide variety of amenities. Learn more at

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