It’s a movement spreading across AISD to fight bullying with kindness. Kindness Campaign founder Andra Liemandt visited us to talk about their important work in our schools, and help us help our kids. She shared with us some of the warning signs for bullying, and gave tips on what to do if you think your child is being bullied.3 Warning Signs Your Child is Being Bullied 

  1. Not wanting to go to school
  2. Sudden avoidance of social situations
  3. Decreased self-esteem

Parenting tips if you suspect your child is being bullied 

  1. Don’t ignore possible warning signs, even if they end up being typical teen/tween issues
  2. Stay involved with what’s happening at school and on social media with your children
  3. Most importantly, begin the conversation early so that your little one grows up knowing what is kind (appropriate behavior) and what is the opposite of kind

For more on The Kindness Campaign and how to get your school involved, go to