South Austin restaurant 1417 announces many exciting changes: a new name “1417 French Bistro”, executive chef, expanded food and beverage menu, updated interior décor and new happy hour specials.  

Today we are joined with Executive Chef Kyle Mulligan to talk us through these changes, what people can expect and even walk viewers through how to make Escargot vol au vent!

• Essentially, this dish is escargot served in a puff pastry. Rich and delicious!  

• Step one: start with a sauté pan, start with neutral oil  

• Start shallots and garlic in the sauté pan, add portion of snails to the pan  

• Sauté till it gets nice and fragrant and heated up  

• Add white wine and reduce it slightly, plus a little bit of lemon juice and herbs  

• From there, add charred chive butter to get all ingredients married  

• Add components into the pastry and pour the sauce on top, then add the top of puff pastry to cover the dish Pastry – strawberry shortcake  

• Plating: o Start with the shortcake that is made in-house (kind of like an almond chiffon cake, denser and more moist)  

o Add dollops of Diplomat Cream (heavy cream whipped with pastry cream; nice and light like whipped cream)  

o Add almond cake crumble to hold the strawberry shortcake and ice cream together  

o Topped with ice cream lemon basil ice cream (made-in house)  

o Top with roasted strawberries 

Owner Allison Welsh and new Executive Chef Kyle Mulligan are refocusing the menu to reflect a traditional French Bistro.  

Guests can expect 1417 favorites like the duck confit crepes to stay on the menu, with the addition of new dishes like French onion soup, escargot vol au vent, Parisian gnocchi and more.  

Visit 1417 French Bistro for more information on hours and enjoy happy hour Monday – Thursday from 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. featuring $9 select cocktails and snack specials.