AUSTIN (KXAN) — Legislation aimed at preventing mass shootings and memorializing victims was introduced in the Texas Senate on Tuesday afternoon.

Sen. Roland Gutierrez announced a package of bills Tuesday.

The bills aim to fix radio interoperability in rural counties, increase school safety, improve emergency response protocols between state and local public safety entities, and create a monument to mass shooting victims in the Texas State Cemetery, according to a press release from Gutierrez’s office.

Gutierrez said in the press conference Tuesday said not one radio worked inside the building the day of the Uvalde shooting.

“Absolute and utter failure,” he said.

As part of the legislation, Gutierrez asked for funds toward a radio inoperability program.

Additionally, he asked for an appropriation request Tuesday for $2 billion to expand mental health care access in rural communities.

“We’re also asking for $2 billion for school hardening perspectives,” Gutierrez said. “What that means is doors, bullet proof glass, fencing, the kind of technology that is required in these types of schools.”

This is the second release of several expected packages of Uvalde legislation.

On Tuesday, families of victims from Texas mass shootings, like Santa Fe and Uvalde, stood behind Gutierrez during the press conference.

“These people have become my friends,” He said. “This is personal to me. These people deserve more than what they got. Their little babies deserved more than what they got. We just gotta do something, man.”

Two weeks ago, Sen. Gutierrez released legislation that focuses on increasing state and local accountability, removing qualified immunity, and providing compensation for affected survivors and families.