This story is part of a KXAN series of reports called “Stop Mass Shootings,” providing context and exploring solutions surrounding gun violence in the wake of the deadly Uvalde school shooting. We want our reports to be a resource for Texans, as well as for lawmakers who are convening a month after the events in Uvalde to discuss how the state should move forward. Explore all “Stop Mass Shootings” stories by clicking here.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Lawmakers involved in discussions related to preventing future gun violence following the deadly mass shooting at a Uvalde elementary school received a letter Monday outlining context and possible solutions.

KXAN Vice President and General Manager Eric Lassberg sent the letter to 38 people — including state and federal lawmakers focused on this issue, their staff and other statewide leaders — highlighting KXAN’s special project, “Stop Mass Shootings.” The project launched last week and coincided with lawmakers convening nearly a month after the Uvalde shooting. The committee hearings last week began to investigate the response to the shooting itself and explore school security, gun safety and mental health.

“We are looking beyond this single incident, taking a thoughtful approach to what’s working – and what’s not – in our state and others. As we educate our viewers, we also hope our content will be an important tool you can use, as you begin crafting a plan to prevent future tragedies,” Lassberg’s letter said.

In addition to putting previous coverage in one easily-accessible place, KXAN reporters also produced more than a dozen in-depth and investigative reports, and a live-streamed conversation answering the community’s most pressing questions. Some of those include:

The House’s Robb Elementary Shooting Investigative Committee next meet Wednesday and Thursday. The Senate’s Special Committee to Protect all Texans has not scheduled any meetings this week.

KXAN will continue providing in-depth, investigative reports as lawmakers respond to our letter and continue working to address gun violence.