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AUSTIN (Nexstar) – Republicans and Democrats are getting most of the attention on the campaign trail. But Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate for President brought her campaign to Texas to remind voters that there’s another option in November.

Jorgensen made several stops around the state in August to reach voters. Her overarching message is that big government leads to big problems, and that a Libertarian approach is better to handle issues like pandemic response and police reform.

“I’d like to point out that a lot of the Black Lives Matter protests that we hear, they also see the same problem we see with government,” Jorgensen said during a stop in Austin. “We’re both against the racist war on drugs. We’re both against no-knock laws. We’re both against qualified immunity,” she continued.  But she acknowledged that most of the people calling for police reform see different solutions than Libertarians.

“We see big government as having created all those problems and what they want to do is they want to go to even more big government. And we think the only way to cure big government is to go the other direction and get government out of it,” Jorgensen said.

She cited the example of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott as an example of government contributing to discrimination.

“What a lot of [protesters] don’t realize is that that was a government run, government owned bus,” Jorgensen said, adding that the majority of the people paying to use the bus were Black.  “Only big government can get away without being held accountable.  So that’s why we want to move in the other direction.”

Rejecting big government also has Libertarians like Jorgensen opposing federal stimulus programs – like the Coronavirus relief package being considered on Capitol Hill.

“What we’ve got to keep in mind for each person getting that 12-hundred dollars, that money had to have come from somewhere. And it’s coming from the same people, but it’s just costing a heck of a lot more than 12-hundred dollars.  So, instead of sending our money to the federal government, and then getting part of it back.  How about we keep our money and we decide where to spend it.”

Jorgensen is not likely to win in November.  Still she pushes back against those who say a vote for her is a wasted vote.

“I would say a vote for either Trump or Biden this election is a wasted vote,” Jorgensen said. “I don’t see much difference in their strategies. Both of them want to spend your money. Both want to make decisions for you, and neither wants to bring the troops home.”

She finished the interview by calling on voters to look closer at the Libertarian platform in November.  “We are the only ones who are talking about the things that people are looking for,” Jorgensen said.

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