Chip Roy could have another close race for District 21

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — First-term Republican Congressman Chip Roy could be facing another close race for District 21. Both the Congressman and former State Senator Wendy Davis have filed to be on the 2021 ballot.

The district, which covers parts of Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country, has been dominated by Republicans for decades. However, Democrat Joseph Kopser came within three points of Roy in the 2018 election.

Roy said he got into the race because he wanted to save the republic for his two children.

“I believe we’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime to have the greatest future for our kids and grand-kids if we actually go execute on it,” Roy said.

However, Roy said he would sum up his first year in congress as a complete waste of time and energy.

“The American people deserve a Congress that is working for them,” Roy said. “Working to reduce the price of healthcare. Working to secure the border. Working to balance the budget.”

Wendy Davis is a well known name to many Texans. She ran and lost a bid for Governor in 2014. She is also known for her 2013 filibuster that stalled anti-abortion legislation.

Davis will face Jennie Lou Leeder in the March primary. Roy did not have a primary opponent with two days left in the filing period.

Davis said so many Texans feel like Washington DC is not listening to their real life concerns such as healthcare, environmental concerns and social security.

“I feel as so many people are feeling that the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been before,” Davis said.

Davis has traveled across the state to talk to people from different districts

“It means a whole lot to people to have you coming out to their communities talking about the issues that are top of mind and top of heart,” Davis said. “I think too often people are feeling that the fights are happening (in Washington) just aren’t reflective of the things that really matter to them.”

Some of the problems Roy said he sees in the government are a $23 trillion dept, lack of border security and increasing healthcare prices.

“And these are solvable problems that I’m willing and wanting to get back in the mix and run for re-election to go solve,” Roy said. “So that’s my plan.”

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