AUSTIN (KXAN) — According to Casey Thompson, Steve Sarkisian has a unique analogy when it comes to describing life as a quarterback.

“Sark always tells me playing quarterback is like being a NASCAR driver,” Thompson said. “You have to find the threshold of how fast or how slow you can go and turn that corner. If you don’t try it in practice, you’ll never know for the game.”

Sarkisian’s just hoping this two-man QB race is less dramatic than any given weekend on the Cup Series.

“At the end of the day, we’re competing against one another, but it makes us better as players and as competitors,” Hudson Card said. “We’re just trying to push each other each and every day.”

Through Wednesday, Card and Thompson have had five practices to showcase why they should earn the nod from Sarkisian for the opener on Sept. 4. And while he hasn’t been explicit in it, he’s apparently been letting them know where they stand every day.

“The good thing for us, is they tell us what we’re doing good every day,” Thompson said. “The feedback that I’ve been receiving has been positive.”

Just based on experience, Thompson has the leg up on Card as he enters his fourth year on campus, while Card is starting year two on the 40 Acres. That’s something that’s not lost on the Lake Travis product, but he’s using his knowledge of that fact to help stay within himself instead of trying to impress the coaches.

“I don’t wanna go out there and do things that I’m not coached [to do] just to show an ability,” Card said. “I just try to do what they tell me, do what I’m coached to do … and just play within the system.”

Whoever wins the race, though, both Thompson and Card know this competition can only benefit the team.

“I feel good about my performance and execution,” Thompson said. “I feel good about the offense. I feel good about the team and the preparation. I think it’s a healthy competition, and I’m excited to see what happens.”