AUSTIN (KXAN) —The sport of boxing continues to dominate the world of combat in terms of popularity, but with the likes of Clarissa Shields and Katie Taylor putting women on the map in the sport, Austin has its own warriors duking it out every day. 

For these ladies, it’s more than just a sport and definitely more than just modern gladiators putting themselves against one another. Boxing brings a sense of family, community, love, and peace. 

Austin Women’s Boxing Club is one of just two all-women-run boxing gyms in the country, a badge of honor that trainer and amateur fighter Alex Plichta wears proudly. 

“This place definitely gives me confidence, not just in boxing but as a person in general.”

Not only is the sport of boxing something that can take your cardiovascular strength up a notch, but it provides a space for community and love that wasn’t fulfilled in the life of Katie Gleason. 

“It (boxing) is my priority,” Gleason said. “I feel equally prioritized and supported in this environment.” 

From breaking your prototypical stereotypes about women in boxing to putting Austin on the map for the sport, Austin Women’s Boxing Club is for all ages and backgrounds. 

They look to provide an experience for all who walk through those doors, whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or compete at a high level.