AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Gamblers and five members of the Texas Longhorns offensive line teamed up on Thursday to weigh one of the top bulls in the sport of professional bull riding.

This bull is competing in the Whisky Velocity Tour which will take place at the HEB Center in Cedar Park February 17-18.

The highlight of the event involved Longhorns lineman Christian Jones, DJ Campbell, Payton Kirkland, Neto Umeozulu, and Cameron Williams.

After the bull weighed in at 1,320 pounds, the lineman stepped on the scale.

To no surprise, the lineman produced more weight combined than the bull, but not by much as the “big humans” that Steve Sarkisian targets weighed-in at 1,725 pounds.

“It was amazing, it was interesting to see that we actually weighed more than the bull,” senior offensive lineman Christian Jones said. “For a second it was like, ‘that’s cool,’ then I was like, ‘awww…we are some big humans,’ so it was a fun event.”

Even though they are quite physically imposing, being up close and personal with a bull is a whole different experience for the players.

“Oh I was scared, beyond scared,” Jones said smiling. “I would personally never ride a bull, it takes a lot of bravery and courage and big respect to everyone who does it but me just seeing the bull, I was like, ‘nah nah nah,’.”

“When I found out who the players were, I called PBR and I said, ‘Listen, you might want to bring one of your bigger boys because these fellas are huge,’,” Austin Gamblers CEO JJ Gottsch said.

Jones says that he and a few of his teammates have watched Austin’s first-ever professional bull riding team in action, and enjoyed the event.

The Gamblers will return to the Moody Center August 25th for their annual homestand, PBR Gambler Days. The event runs from August 25-27.