Pflugerville (KXAN) – Dylan Disu left the Austin area after high school to play college basketball at Vanderbilt. Following two years at Nashville, the Pflugerville native came back home to play basketball at Texas.

“Especially my second year with Covid limiting travel, I didn’t really get to play in front of my family or people that I knew too much,” said Disu about playing at Vanderbilt. “Just to represent Austin basketball, it means a lot to me.”

Disu had been fighting injuries over his time with the Longhorns but really surged at the end of last season, powering Texas to an Elite Eight run. Now he returns for a third year in burnt orange.

“I had a lot of fun last year,” said Disu. “I think that’s what really came into play. Toward the end of the season and especially during Big 12 play, we had a lot of fun.”

The Pflugerville Hendrickson graduate hosted his first basketball Saturday back at his old high school. The community that supports him greatly clearly means a lot to him.

“I remember sixth and seventh grade, the first week of the summer I would come up here for the Hendrickson basketball camp,” said Disu. “So to be able to host my own basketball camp is kind of an honor for me.”

Disu is one the few returning Longhorns who played solid minutes last season. Five transfers have come into the program to bolster the roster.

When asked how the chemistry is going with all those new pieces, Disu recalled a team dinner recently at Bob’s Steak & Chop House in Austin.

“The vibes were great at dinner,” said Disu. “It always starts out slow, a little awkward. People are trying to get to know each other…We’re starting to really come together as a team I think.”‘

A proud Austin native, Disu knows basketball in the area isn’t looked at the same as other parts of the state.

“Dallas, Houston, San Antonio even a little bit gets a lot of love,” said Disu about basketball in Texas. “But I think that Austin is kind of really overlooked. It’s starting to pick up a little bit.”

Dylan Disu and the Longhorns will look to build off an impressive 2022-2023 season in Rodney Terry’s first full year at the helm this upcoming campaign.