AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott expects outdoor sports venues and stadiums to operate at 50% — at least that’s the plan as of the middle of June.

The unpredictably of the coronavirus pandemic could change plans at any moment and athletic directors, owners and other sport leaders across the state are weighing a bevy of plans as the sports calendar begins to flicker back into the “on” position.

AD’s have guidance from Gov. Abbott and the team of state health leaders with most of the focus on the upcoming 2020 football season.

The 50% capacity rule for outdoor stadiums was declared in phase three of Gov. Abbott’s plan to reopen the state. Since then, Abbott said he’s had conversations with college athletic directors from across the state to discuss reopening protocols and safe strategies for sporting events.

The capacity is only the beginning of the conversation. Gov. Abbott says athletic directors must address how fans will enter stadiums, how they will prevent large gathering areas and maintain safe social distancing throughout the event.

Texas Longhorns Athletic Director Chris Del Conte said in a previous newsletter that UT has a task force in place to prepare and implement plans for football games amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Abbott says each athletic director will need to make sure their “game plan” is up to the state’s health standards on COVID-19 safety.