Before Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was a two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, he was the son of former MLB reliever Pat Mahomes. That means, as a kid, Mahomes had access to baseball locker rooms and got to meet some of the best baseball players of the time, including Derek Jeter.

Mahomes and Jeter united this week for an interview on Fox that will air Sunday. As part of the reunion, Mahomes brought a picture signed by Jeter of him, as a kid, meeting Jeter before a game. At the time, Jeter was the Yankees shortstop while Mahomes was a kid wearing a Rangers hat as his dad played for Texas in 2001.

Before focusing on football, Mahomes was a pitcher for Texas Tech and was even drafted by the Tigers out of high school. While his football success ultimately ended his baseball career, Mahomes’s baseball experience helped him develop a unique style on the gridiron.

Besides just being athletes, Jeter and Mahomes can relate to being the faces of their particular sport and having ample success so early in their careers. In the first seven years of their respective careers, the two have combined for six total championships.