After his first career winCardinals quarterback Josh Dobbs was met with quite the interesting obstacle when he arrived at the team store on Tuesday.

Dobbs, who is starting while Kyler Murray recovers from an ACL injury, went to the Cardinals team store with one goal in mind: to get his family some jerseys with his name on them.

But, when the quarterback started using the custom jersey machine to select a player, his name was noticeably off the list of NFL players to choose from. The option even said to “select from roster,” with Dobbs nowhere to be found.

“Like, yo, I know I just got here, but we can at least have a custom jersey ready for me,” Dobbs said in a video he posted.

Dobbs has only been on the Cardinals’ roster for about a month after the team acquired him from the Browns on Aug. 24. But, after three starts with the Cardinals already, it’s understandable why Dobbs would expect the team store to have jerseys with his name on them.

The quarterback completed 17-of-21 passes for 189 yards and one touchdown in Arizona’s 28–16 win over the Cowboys on Sunday.