The Cowboys loss on Sunday vs. the 49ers means the team once again fell short in the playoffs. Dallas now hasn’t made an NFC championship game since January 1996, with the Cowboys making 12 playoff appearances since then without advancing to the conference’s title game.

The final play of the game was difficult to swallow, as Dallas ran a bizarre play involving running back Ezekiel Elliott at center that failed miserably. When the clock wound down, a few Cowboys fans took their frustrations out on their televisions.

One fan in particular punched the TV square in the screen, breaking it and making sure he will have to get a new one.

Note: The following videos contain audible profanity. 

Another fan brought his television outside to throw it on the ground, run it over with his truck then toss it in the trash all while going on a profane rant.

Cowboys fans are among the most passionate in the league, but the lack of playoff success over the past decade has clearly taken its toll. No object—not even a TV—is safe now when Dallas is playing.