Since Al Michaels became the voice for Amazon Prime's Thursday Night Football, viewers have often been amused by the legendary broadcaster's ad reads. 

The veteran has read copy promoting countless questionable or failed TV projects during his years with ABC and NBC. But would he sound particularly baffled or disinterested in an outlandishly violent series like Gen V

Michaels's ad reads during the TNF broadcast include promos for the next week's matchup. And as fans and media have frequently pointed out, Amazon isn't often getting gems for these Thursday night telecasts. 

Week 5's game between the Bears and Commanders continues that pattern, which Michaels seemed to hint at with a less-than-enthusiastic read.

Chicago is currently 0–3 and slogging through a 13-game losing streak. Maybe the Bears will get their first win of the season this weekend against the Broncos. However, Matt Eberflus's team has been an embarrassing mess over the past couple of weeks. The Commanders are 2–1 but face an Eagles buzzsaw in Week 4. 

That's a tough sell for Michaels. So maybe it was better to say nothing at all? But Amazon gets the Chiefs for Week 6. Perhaps he can sell a possible Taylor Swift appearance for that telecast.