On Wednesday afternoon, approximately two minutes before everyone was told it was going to happen, the National Emergency Alert System performed a test.

You probably heard it—it was when your phone screamed at you in the middle of the workday unprovoked.

It was loud! It was annoying! It was somewhat scary depending on your personal degree of preparedness!

But while it was annoying, it was an annoyance that was experienced universally, and not even the world of sports could escape its wrath.

Texans coach DeMeco Ryans was in the middle of a press conference when the buzzers went off. He leaned into the bit.

Meanwhile on ESPN, the alert could be heard as Baseball Tonight threw to commercial.


Elsewhere, MMA fighter Michael Chandler had his interview with reporter Ariel Helwani interrupted by the blast.

Luckily for Major League Baseball and sports fans alike, the afternoon’s postseason games had not yet started when the alert went off.

Had the timing been right, it could have led to some very awkward moments at the plate.